Meet Boatshed North Wales

Business Owners - Rob & Lydia Jutton

Agents/Brokers: Andy Topham, Derek Wood and Andy Wood

Rob and Lydia have had the Boatshed business now for two and a half years and have recently moved into their new office in Pwllheli Marina.
The business is going really well and since they moved into their new office are finding that they are much more visible to boat owners, and are amazed by what a difference having a physical office has made.

Rob and Lydia had not been Yacht Brokers before starting their business with Boatshed but had owned boats previously, in fact they have just sold their power boat and subject to getting Lydia’s approval, Rob will be looking for a replacement.

They used to have a ratio of 2/3 power boats, but are now with the addition of their agents and local sponsorship packages finding that they are attracting more sail boat listings. Currently Rob and Lydia are listing mostly sail boats, (both our agents are sailors) and we have sponsored a few sailing regattas this year. Click here to find out more about Boatshed North Wales.

In the coming years Rob and Lydia are hoping to get more agents on board who will manage their own area. Each agent will become a broker and develop the business within their own area.

If you are interested in owning your own Boatshed Franchise or becoming an Agent for an existing Boatshed business then click here to find out more!